return policy

1. If the client has received the goods damaged or defective, then he can return it within 3 days after receipt.
Item must be returned to the company in its presentation, and undamaged packaging.
The Company will replace defective or damaged goods.

2. If the client has already used the product, and declares that the product did not meet his expectations, he does not can return the product due to the fact that such a statement can make any buyer to free use of the product.

The company does not return the money to the client on the basis of the statements that the client changed his mind, found a similar product elsewhere for less, and so on.

NOTE: In all cases, the return of the goods, the goods must be sent only to the address of our item return:

P. O. Box 39
Odesskaya obl.
67 602

This product will be replaced with high quality and re-sent to the client only after actual receipt of returned goods by us to the address above.